What to Check

How to Correct

The measured result is below 34C (93.2F).

Did you remove the thermometer before the measurement is finished?

Remove the thermometer from the ear or forehead only after the measurement is finished.

The measured result exceeds 42.2C (108.0F).

Is the infrared sensor broken?

Consult at the store where you purchased the unit.

Is the probe cover broken or dirty?

Replace the probe cover with a new one. (If you are out of new probe cover, you may use the thermometer without it.)

Nothing is displayed even after I pressed the switch.

Is the battery flat?

Replace the battery with a new one.

Are the polarities of battery (+ and -) wrong?

Place the battery in the correct position.

LO or HI Symbol is displayed.

Temperature measured is not within the measurement range

LO : Too low
HI : Too high

Make sure a new, clean probe cover is inserted and probe is properly inserted in the ear.